Qualify is a Product for detailed Elementary Stream Analysis.

Video Elementary Stream Analyser

The Qualify VES Analyser offers several measures for in depth MPEG video analysis. By making additions to the decoded pictures with information which ensures the MPEG system parameter become visible, MPEG is no longer a theoretical issue, but a visible compression standard. The user gets detailed and visual information about the whole stream, from the header layer down to the macroblock and block layer. Qualify VES is completely software based, needing no special hardware and running on Windows from either desktops or laptops. The possibility to analyze different parts of a MPEG stream (motion estimation, quantization, bit allocation..) and to compare different streams, makes VISUALmpeg becoming a very useful tool for those who need to make MPEG investigation during product development. Main feature of VISUALmpeg is the visualization of all MPEG related parameters. VISUALmpeg holds an intuitive GUI with a clear and configurable visualization of the assessment results.

Analysis Features

- Header Information
- Picture Coding Type
- Bit allocation
- Quantization
- DCT Coefficients
- Motion Vectors
- Macroblock Coding Types
- Motion Compensated Frame Display
- Residual Frame Display
- Slice Structure
- I,B,P Statistics

Qualify VES can be used for:

- optimizing MPEG / H.264 Codecs
- saving time and costs during Encoder development (e.g. debugging different modules)
- analyzing different Modules of an encoder (e.g. Motion Estimation, Bit Allocation, ...)
- Finding the correct MPEG / H.264 Encoder Settings
(e.g. GOP Size, Motion Search Range., Bitrate, Quantization...)
- comparing different Encoder
- comparing different MPEG / H.264 Files
- teaching how MPEG / H.264 compression works
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